Can Sociology Exist Without Science

Can Sociology Exist Without Science

Can Sociology Exist Without Science


Sociology is a branch of science, but it can exist without science. Sociology does not measure its subjects with any kind of measurement tools or practices. A sociologist has their own theory and bias on which they collect data from the society. In this course, there is no specific which sociologists have to identify. Students who select sociology for their higher studies have to do some social surveys, which is necessary for their degree. Some students do not tackle their online courses in the online learning process. Students wonder whether someone can take my exam online for me because they do not want to fail their online course.


Why Sociology Is Important For Us:


Sociology is only a course in which we study society and its values. It helps us learn about society’s direction and how we bring positive change to society. Sociologists have the power to make any underdeveloped society into a developed society. This change takes some time because, for this change, sociologists have to do a social survey about the problem. They have to collect data and mention every possible solution to the problems.¬†


Why Students Choose This Field:


Some students have to do something big in their life. It is the best platform for students who want to make their society modern and established. It is the most interesting and demanded field in the future. Unfortunately, when E-learning was introduced, many students searched on the internet, do my class online for me because they had zero experience with the online exams. But students should have to study sociology with more attention and seriousness. Sociology help students to build some beneficial skills in their personalities. With the help of these skills, students proved to be very beneficial to society.


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