Why Nobody Cares About Education

Why Nobody Cares About Education

Why Nobody Cares About Education


Many people have this perception in the world that education is not essential for them to be successful in life. They think about why they waste their five-to-ten years in getting an education. It is better to learn new skills and build their own business like many famous personalities. You have to prepare yourself for every worst time. You can understand this example after the pandemic. The whole world is collapsed. All the advanced countries want to solve this problem, but they are not prepared for this disaster. 


Students also face a tough time in the pandemic when all schools, colleges, or universities are closed. Most of the students wondered,  can someone take my online class for me because they are not prepared themselves for this kind of disaster. In the same way, those students think that they do something better with their lives without education. This is the biggest mistake that they have ever made in their life. Education improves their thinking capability when you do not identify the difference between wrong and right. You are not capable of making the best decision for your future.


To do their own business is better than getting an education:


Some people have a business mind. They always want to start their own business and do not pay much attention to their studies. After some time, they realize the importance of studies when they see educated people do their business properly compared to them. We have found many examples in history of those who were not educated and set their own empire without getting an education. It depends on your luck if you face any worst condition in your life, so you have to prepare yourself by getting an education. This makes you face any difficult time in your life.


Waste Of Money:


Educational institutions want to provide an advanced environment to their students in this modern world. Due to this, they demand high fees from the students in the back. Most of the students think about why they waste their money getting the same education material they get from the internet. 


Now the internet offers so many useful courses to students at a cheap rate. They do not want to pay high fees just for the environment. Most of the students belong to middle families. They can not afford the high fees of schools or colleges. In that case, they do not care about education and spend their time on earning.


Learning Skills Is Better Than Education:


After the pandemic, students increase their interest in seeking skills. The pandemic affects the whole world, especially national or international companies. Many companies fired their employees because they could not afford them. After this, students made their perception education is not much important to live a better life. In the pandemic, those who have skills manage their hard time in the best by using their skills. Now students want to learn some skills either to get an education. 


Limited Jobs:


The younger generation does not want to get an education because there are no jobs for them. The government does not provide them with the chances of jobs. When there are no jobs, what is the purpose of getting an education? A degree is not enough to remove their hunger and make their life better. They need resources from where they fulfill their life requirements. 


In Asian countries, many master’s or Ph.D. degree holders have no job. They are doing labor or cheap job for their living. Then why do students get an education? To mention In their resume, they are graduates or masters and doing a cheap job. They do not care about getting an education because they have never seen any benefits.


Do Not Able To Pay High Fees:


Most of the students are not financially strong. They have to do a job to support their family. When they see the bad condition of their family, they prefer to do the job of getting an education. They have no option. If you have the same feeling, you should want to support your family. Many students set their perception that getting an education is not important for them after the pandemics. In online classes, teachers do not take their classes properly. 


The education they want does not get in online learning. After the pandemic, students do not have much interest in learning. They search on the internet, Pay Someone to Do My Online Course to escape from the education, and spend their time learning some new skills that help them in their practical lives. This now becomes common students do not want to get an education because they have never seen the benefits of education for their future life.


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